Sastel Pharmaceuticals & Packing is a leading Developer, Manufacturer & Packing Company of Nutrition (Food) Supplements / Health Products, Cosmetics and Liquids (Sachets & Tube Packaging) in Pretoria, Gauteng.

Sastel Pharmaceuticals & Packing Pretoria offers a professional, one-stop Health Food & Cosmetics development; procurement; blending & packing services to clients.

We have a wealth of in-house knowledge and contract manufacturing experience and the skills needed to overcome production challenges.

Our clients successes are our successes.

 Sastel Pharmaceuticals & Packing’s services includes:

    • Sourcing of Packaging.Sastel Contract Packaging
    • Sourcing and/or testing of raw materials.
    • Product development for improved taste and texture.
    • Contract Packaging.
    • Understanding the customers’ needs and giving advice.
    • Carrying stock of 3000+ raw materials.
    • Formulation & Packaging of meal replacements, protein shakes or specialized drinks.
    • Formulation & Packaging of Slimming products
    • Sachets for liquid Packaging
    • Nutritional shakes or drinks manufacturing & Packaging
    • Energy - or and low GI mixes.
    • Powder and product blending (batch sizes 50kg+).
    • We have the necessary in-house technology and know-how to take ideas through all the stages up to a successful consumer product offering.

We adhere to strict ISO and Food Safety Guidelines.  Our dedicated staff members receive rigorous training, and we strive for perfection in our operations.

Quality, integrity, safety and good service forms the basis of Sastel Pharmaceuticals & Packing’s business.

Sastel Pharmaceuticals & Packing (Pretoria) is affiliated with Professional Beauty & CECOSA and a Member of HPA (Health Products Association) -


More About Us


Sastel Pharmaceuticals & Packing is a third party or contract manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals & Packing plant in Pretoria North which addresses the needs of standard market demands. This includings the market for small runs (short line) and quick turnaround times. Sastel has developed into a well-orchestrated complementary manufacturing facility, registered with the South African Pharmacy Council and with the Medicines Control Council of South Africa and uses GMP (PIC/S) and ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHASA18001 procedures.

Sastel specialises in the filling and Pharmaceuticals & Packing of capsules, creams, shampoos, teas and sachets and all kinds of herbal creations. We can support clients with R&D. Stability tests and advice on Pharmaceuticals & Packing and marketing are available. 

The company has acquired a reputation for consistent good quality, price, service and delivery. Close collaboration with raw material suppliers ensures that the very latest and highest quality ingredients are available for incorporation into new or existing formulations, further adding value to the supply chain.