Dear Valued Client

SASTEL would herewith like to confirm that we comply with all the criteria prescribed for a safe work environment as stipulated in the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 as part of our FSSC22000 certification. These safe practices prompt vigilance, preparedness and timeous response with regards to the protection against, as well as identification and prevention of the spreading of expected hazards. However, additional measures as announced by the State President and published in the Goverment Gazette have been implemented to minimize any possible risk of infection by the Corona virus (COVID-19).

Pertaining to ALL visitors:

  • Visitors are compelled to sign in, using their own stationary.
  • Visitors shall sanitize at the sign in point with the hand sanitizers made available by SASTEL.
  • Greeting shall not include physical contact.
  • Visitors shall cover their mouths and noses with a tissue or sleeve when they cough or sneeze.

Pertaining to staff, additional to the measures above:

  • Thermal images are recorded of each staff member on a daily basis
  • Additional sanitizers have been placed in areas frequently used by employees, also in administration offices
  • Awareness was created about the Corona virus, and staff urged to be vigilant for symptoms possibly related to the virus.
  • Employees who show any form of illness or disease will be prohibited from continuing their work, and urged to seek medical attention, according to our Food Safety guidelines.

Pertaining to SASTEL drivers doing deliveries:

  • The delivery vehicle will be treated and sanitized before leaving SASTEL.
  • The driver and assistant will wear masks and gloves when disembarking the vehicle.
  • Please ensure that no physical contact is made with any of your receiving or other staff.

With reference to the principles and practices specified in our Food Safety Programme, we believe that every preventative measure has been put in place effectively. We are confident that our safety plans are sufficient to minimize any disruption. We will therefore continue to do business and deliver the high quality products and efficient service we have become known for in the industry.

Should you require more information, please contact myself.

Kindest regards

Denise Olivier Ph.D.
Quality Assurance Manager
Sastel Pharmaceuticals / Packaging CC


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